How does the environment effect education?

The way we are educating our children is important but we tend to overlook the importance of the environments surrounding our teaching spaces. Technological advancements have created flexibility in the ways students can be taught but have we considered how different landscape techniques can utilise every area of our educational facilities? By enhancing the aged and previously unused areas around schools and kindergartens the aesthetics, safety and student development can only be improved.

Student development initiates from creativity in different mindsets, which stems from the environments surrounding the areas where students are being taught. The enhancement of environments in which students learn directly influences the creativity shown in their output. By encouraging students to interact with the natural elements and the constituents of their surroundings a positive outlook towards their schooling life is generated. This is an outcome in students that many teachers or educators can only dream of. To achieve this outcome, improvement of unused spaces and upgrading outdated spaces must be taken into consideration.

There is opportunity in every school or kindergarten to improve the use of their external areas. Grassy hills, overgrown gardens or other areas with similar levels of usability are areas habitually overlooked in many educational settings and are useless in the views of teachers, students and parents. They have the potential for development which can include new play structures, interactive features and modern forms of landscape architecture. These can also extend to existing areas which have become neglected and need to be rejuvenated. Any existing structures that are a rising safety concerns can also be renovated to increase usability and safety.

Safety is a growing concern at schools and kindergartens and many schools are upgrading unsafe areas to ensure that they are compliant with Australian standards and that they are providing safe areas for everyone that uses their premises. It is becoming increasingly popular to renovate areas with interactive learning and play spaces. This not only increases the aesthetic appeal but is providing more adaptable learning areas in schools.

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