About Oasis Landscaping

Who is Oasis Landscaping?

Oasis Landscaping is one of Queensland’s oldest and most trusted commercial landscaping companies. Since founding the company in 1968, The Archer family have personally steered the company’s growth, developed its people, and built its reputation for quality, efficiency and professionalism. Oasis Landscaping specialises in large scale landscape and civil construction projects for builders, education bodies, government bodies, developers, architects and contractors and will have your project efficiently managed from concept to completion.

We have a team of skilled and experienced management personnel and effective management systems that enable us to consistently deliver our projects to meet the specified requirements and always live up to the commitments made to our client. This comprehensive approach to management ensures we maintain a high standard of quality work while meeting agreed time frames and adhere to stringent WHS standards. Our aim is to always develop long-term relationships and to ensure the best outcomes for our clients Oasis Landscaping is a company renowned for attention to detail and no short-cuts. We also have a dedicated pool of trade and labour resources, and a range of plant and equipment. Above all we are a company confident that we can deliver on our promises, and proud of our achievements.

We provide our services to

– Government Departments, Local Governments and Councils,
– Schools and Education facilities,
– Land developers,
– Private developers,
– Private companies and,
– Construction companies.

Our Vision

To offer a complete range of outdoor solutions to a high standard of finish, through the best practice methodology and a strong mutual work culture.

Our Mission

To enhance the environment of our Customers, complement the capabilities of our clients and improve the position of our employees by offering a complete range of outdoor solutions.

Our Statement of Values

We will act with honesty, integrity and loyalty.  We will treat one another with the dignity that everyone deserves.  We will treat our customers and clients as we would have our suppliers and industry partners as we would have our customers and clients treat us.


Oasis Landscaping is a prequalified Local Buy supplier and a supplier under the education act. This means we have been through a rigorous procurement process and are compliant with all insurances, while offering the best rates possible.

About Able Nursery

Here at Oasis Landscaping, we believe in streamlining our processes. In 2012 we commenced propagating and growing our own plant stock at Able Nursery, formally know as Antz Plants Wholesale Nursery. Not only does Able Nursery supply stock for our landscaping projects, it also supplies hundreds of other landscape projects throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales.

We are committed to growing quality plants constantly satisfying our customers. We specialize in plants suitable for landscape and urban environments. Many of the varieties that we grow are non-evasive, hardy, drought resistant, frost tolerant and low maintenance. Visit Able Nursery by clicking here.

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