Landscaping Services

The landscaping services we offer:

Commercial Landscaping

Oasis Landscaping specialises in commercial landscaping projects throughout Brisbane and South East Queensland. We have partnered with a wide range of building contractors, enabling successful completion of thousands of projects. We are renowned for our flexibility and versatility to fit in with the demands of construction programs and budgets.

High-Density Residential Landscaping

We have partnered with many developers on unit and townhouse projects, some of which have spanned over a two year construction timeline. Our ability to mass landscape does not undermine our fundamental principles of quality and safety.




We have been engaged by many schools, child care centres and learning facilities around Brisbane, and South-East Queensland, to construct sensational outdoor areas. A broad selection of activities and items can be incorporated such as forts, swing, slippery slides, fireman poles, climbing nets, rubber animals, dry creek bed, ponds, water pumps and sensory pathways.

Landscape structures

Oasis Landscaping has more than twenty years’ experience in design and construction of timber arbours, shade sails and shade structures. Some of these landscape structures have been complimented by our custom made seating and deck configurations. These additions allow our clients to fully realise the potential of their structure. We have also undertaken bespoke public art projects.

Urban streetscaping / subdivision / estate landscaping

Another facet of our business is to partner with civil engineering companies around Brisbane for road upgrade project, new roads and new estate works. Works include revegetation, creek and riverbank stabilisation, track and step construction, weed management and treatment, street tree planting, garden preparation, planting, concreting, bollard installation, earthworks and signage installation.


As part of our construction package, we offer maintenance for a period of time post construction.

Garden refurbishment / construction

Commercial premises, townhouse complexes and schools all suffer from a lot of wear and tear. We have completed many rejuvenation/make good/refurbishment projects whereby garden mulch is replaced or replenished, additional planting is installed and selected pruning and trimming of existing vegetation is carried out. This significantly increases the aesthetic value of our client’s assets.


Some clients wish to install irrigation to help maintain their investment in the landscaping. We have fully qualified and licensed personnel on staff to design, install, connect and maintain irrigation systems. Commonly used components for our irrigation systems include Davey, Hunter, Irritrol, Iplex, Reece and Onga.

Design & construct

Oasis Landscaping has qualified landscape architects in our team and can offer design services to our clients. Typically at the initial consultation, we establish a basic concept/scope, discuss the project budget and formulate a plan for moving forwards.  From there we provide initial sketches and move onto CAD drafted plans. Regular communication is maintained with our clients at all times to ensure we are focused on desired outcome. Council lodgement, Form 15 & Form 16 and final certification is also provided.


Here at Oasis Landscaping we are very passionate about hardscapes. Plain concrete, coloured concrete, exposed aggregate concrete slabs, pathways, footpaths, wheel chair ramps, formed concrete seats, amphitheatres, stairs and road ways are well within the capabilities of our team.

Synthetic turf / artificial turf

We have seen a large increase in the popularity of synthetic turf in playgrounds. Different pile heights and colours can be used to create attractive contrasts.


Segmental concrete pavers or mortared crazy pave are options that we can provide for access through landscaped areas.

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