Make ”Outdoor Classroom Day” Everyday!

Outdoor Classroom Day was recently held on the 7th of September 2017.  It is a global initiative to encourage teachers and carers in schools and kindergartens to take their education outdoors.  The intent of the program is to get children away from the four walls of their classrooms and allow them to interact with nature and learn in different ways.  Outdoor learning is a great way for kids to connect with nature, improve their health and be more creative with their learning.  Giving children exposure to different teaching and learning methods encourages them to be more adaptable.  This allows them to develop in a more self-disciplined way and gives them a head start into the important lessons life will teach them.

So why not make every day an Outdoor Classroom Day?


  • Encourages teachers to be more creative with their teaching methods
  • Connects children with nature
  • Allows children to get away from this technology driven world
  • Improves health of kids


  • Not all schools have suitable areas for outdoor learning
  • Excursion offsite cannot be taken everyday
  • It may benefit some children more than others.

This is where the team at Oasis can help out.  We believe and have proved that every school can have an outdoor classroom commonly known as an Outdoor Learning Area (OLA).  For nearly 50 years Oasis have been working in schools and kindergartens creating and constructing areas that motivate teachers, students and parents alike.  Having an up to date knowledge of building standards allows safe and compliant OLA’s to be constructed.  Great industry awareness allows state of the art designs and aspects to be incorporated into an OLA. This means that just about any area can be transformed into useful kid friendly areas.  This allows a diverse exposure to natural elements which means students can grow their awareness and interact with nature without leaving the school grounds.  Taking education outside increases the opportunity for students who may struggle in controlled areas and gives the overall cohort an increased achievement level.  Get in contact with Oasis Landscaping today and we will be by your side to develop your Outdoor Learning Area and grow the prosperity of our future generations.

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