A Student’s Perspective on Outdoor Learning

Why I enjoy learning outdoors: A student’s perspective.

I love learning outdoors; it is good for me as it gets me out of the loud and noisy classroom this is good as it clears out my mind for the task ahead.

How does working outdoors enhance your learning experience?

Working outdoors has changed the way that I learn, as I can always find a quiet space for myself, it has taught me to be more independent.

What part of the outdoor learning area do you enjoy most?

If I want to do group work there are many spaces, but I enjoy working in the sandstone and wood circles most! This circle can fit my whole class which means all get a chance to say something in class discussions.  This is why I love learning outdoors.

What is your favourite outdoor sporting activity in the OLA?

My favourite thing to do at lunch is to play on the handball courts. I can play with six of my friends at a time!

Why do you think natural play spaces are beneficial?

I think it is good for the environment as nearly everything is wood and sandstone blocks which are better then steal.

What would love to add to an outdoor learning area?

I would love to have hammocks they are so comfy and fun! But I would be able to still do work in it.

Blake – Year 5

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